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Tried and true and some new...

Classic Red Velvet

Traditional red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting

The Gustin

Banana and vanilla bean cake with a Nutella swirled baked in the center. Topped with dulce de leche frosting.

Sweet Ava

Pink shaded banana pound cake with chocolate chips. Topped with bright green buttercream frosting.

Ohhhh Oreo!

Rich chocolate cake topped with Oreo filling buttercream and garnished with America's favorite Oreo cookie.


Chocolate cake dipped in milk chocolate and graham cracker crumbs. Topped with torched marshmallow frosting. Garnished with a Hershey bar.

What's Up Doc?

Delicious carrot cake (with pecans), topped with traditional cream cheese frosting.

Reese's Treat

Chocolate cake filled with sweet peanut butter. Topped with milk chocolate frosting and drizzled in peanut butter.

Granny's Orange Treat

Ava's great-grandmother's recipe for a moist orange cake topped with orange butter cream frosting.

Sweet Georgia Pecan

Vanilla based butter pecan cake topped with apple butter frosting.

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